FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton Pardoned a Filthy Criminal!

Liberals are still moaning over President Trump’s pardon of a SHERIFF who was just doing his job.
And doing it well, I might add.
However, they don’t seem to have an issue with Obama pardoning treasonists, terrorists, and crack dealers who get out and murder women and children, though.
What about the time Bill Clinton pardoned a filthy rich Wall Street cheat, who was doing dirty dealings with Iran and evading his taxes?
Did liberals throw a hissy fit over that?
The commodities trader fled to Switzerland in 1983, accused of evading $48m in taxes and illegally trading with Iran in oil.
But Rich, whose ex-wife was a prominent fundraiser for the Democrats, was pardoned by Bill Clinton on his last day as US president in what a New York Times editorial called “a shocking abuse of presidential power and a reminder of why George W Bush’s vow to restore integrity to the Oval Office resonates with millions of Americans”.
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