Iowa Teacher Creates ‘Historical Wall of Bullies’ And Guess Who He Added…

An Iowa teacher is in some very hot water with parents for creating a “Historical Wall of Bullies” and adding President Donald Trump.
Also included on his wall were Bin Laden, Kim Jong-un, and Hitler, just to name a few.
The school doesn’t seem to care about the matter, and directed angry parents to an ambiguous tweet which brushed the incident off like it was no big deal.
A Bernalillo Public Schools teacher is under investigation after a student in her world history class recorded her anti-Trump rant and forwarded it to district officials.
Neither the Bernalillo High School sophomore who recorded the conversation nor her teacher were identified by KRQE, but the television station reports the classroom lesson on Thursday centered on a political cartoon of President Trump surrounded by statements like “white supremacist,” “deport ‘em all,” “neo-nazis,” and others.
“If you have a history teacher teaching you that Trump is good, then I feel really scared for you,” the teacher said.
“Technically, he is the immigrant,” the teacher said of Trump. “And if he’s saying all this stuff about immigrants – and who is his wife?”
“An immigrant,” students replied.
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  1. Deluded, propagandist & trying to control young minds. Very fascist of him.