It’s OFFICIAL! Trump Signs the Order!

Even after President Trump promised to ban transgender people from the military, the always skeptical mainstream media kept spreading rumors he would find a way to NOT follow through on it.
Well they have all now learned that President Trump is a man of his word as he has signed the official order.
FINALLY, we have a President who cares more about our national security and common sense than “PC culture.”
From TheHill
President Trump signed a presidential memo Friday instructing the Defense Department to stop accepting transgender people who want to enlist in the military.
The memo details Trump’s previous Twitter announcement last month that he would reinstate a ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military, and officially requests the Pentagon begin implementing the ban.
Trump’s memo bars transgender people from enlisting, but instructs Secretary of Defense James Mattis to further explore how to handle transgender people currently serving in the armed forces.
The memo also orders the Pentagon to stop paying for gender reassignment surgeries, except in cases that are already in progress to “protect the health of an individual.”
It also requests that the Pentagon develop an implementation plan for the ban by Feb. 21 2018, to be put in place on March 23, 2018.
On a call with reporters prior to the memo’s release, a White House official said Trump “spoke passionately” about the freedoms of the LGBT community, but based the policy on a “series of national security considerations,” according to reports.
Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in a statement that “the Department of Defense has received formal guidance from the White House in reference to transgender personnel serving in the military.”
More information on the guidance will be provided early next week, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col Paul Haverstick told The Hill.
The news follows Trump’s tweets last month announcing his abrupt decision to reinstate a ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military.
Trump wrote on Twitter that transgender troops could no longer serve “in any capacity.”
Among his reasons, Trump wrote that the Pentagon “cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption” brought by transgender service members.
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