Joy Reid Tries to Make a “Nazi” Joke, But it BACKFIRES Fast!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid made a really bad joke on Twitter about Gorka’s departure, using the hashtag #DidNaziThatComing.
The joke sparked outrage from pretty much everyone, including conservatives and Jewish people.
Joy Reid, just like Chelsea Clinton, needs to ban herself from Twitter indefinitely, because every time she logs on, she make an absolute fool of herself.
Gorka came under criticism in April for a photograph that was taken in January which shows him wearing “the uniform and medal of Vitézi Rend, a Hungarian order of merit that was once closely associated with Nazi Germany.”
The medal did not belong to Gorka; rather the medal belonged to his father who earned it “fighting against Hungary’s post-WWII Soviet-aligned regime.”
Gorka wears the medal to honor his father’s memory.
Reid’s tweet sparked outrage across Twitter from different media personalities:
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