Leaked Memo Exposes Secret Closed Door Charlottesville Meeting

Frustrated Charlottesville city officials met in secret behind closed doors to discuss the violence which occurred between white nationalists and Democrat terror groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
A leaked memo shines a light on what was said.
Officials are frustrated by the violence and are questioning why the event was not treated like a “hurricane” with all hands on deck.
The Charlottesville City Council met with City Manager Maurice Jones behind closed doors on Thursday to discuss the city’s response to recent white nationalist rallies and the terrorist attack earlier this month, according to a leaked memo obtained by The Daily Progress.
The leaked memo details the city lawmakers’ grievances with the city manager, police, and the collective response to the growing tumult in their Virginia town.”The preparations for August 12 were akin to the preparations for a hurricane,” said the memo acquired by The Daily Progress. “All hands were, or should have been, on deck.”An independent review of Charlottesville’s handling of white nationalist rallies led by Tim Heaphy, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, is ongoing, according to The Daily Progress. The city reportedly hired Heaphy for the investigation.
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