Leftists Just KILLED a Diverse Prayer Rally By Falsely Screaming “NAZI!”

In a shocking and dangerous display of anti-American behavior, Democrats have just done a despicable thing.
A group of Americans in San Francisco planned an event, which they called the “Patriot Prayer rally” and were very clear that white supremacist groups were not invited or involved.
In fact, only one of the eight leaders involved was even white, but that did not stop the lying Democrats from starting trouble.
Urged on by Nancy Pelosi, accusations of “Nazi” and “white supremacists” began to fly, and soon, calls for violent Alt-Left groups to attack the small group of patriots began emerging.
Sadly, after realizing that hosting the event would put people in danger (due to the militant Alt-Left) the leaders of the Patriot Prayer rally decided it was safer for everyone to cancel, and relinquished their permit.
Imagine if a left-wing group was forced to cancel an event out of fear from far-right agitators, who called for violence?
The media would never stop talking about it, yet, all is silent on the Patriot Prayer rally being canceled due to threats and fear.
This is a direct affront on the First Amendment, and all those who died to defend it; the left is out of control, and if nothing is done about it, things will only get worse.
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