Liberals in Minnesota Want to Replace This HISTORIC Statue With Prince

There’s currently a petition in Minnesota which demands that a statue of Christopher Columbus be replaced with singer/song writer Prince.
Yeah, really…PRINCE!
“We the people of Minnesota ask our government to replace the Columbus Statue at the Minnesota State Capitol with a statue of the beloved Prince,” it states.
I know what you’re thinking. Out of everyone in human history, why would they choose Prince as a replacement? I’m glad you asked!
“Prince represents Minnesota values and Columbus does not.” the petition definitively states.
Well, that’s pretty straightforward.
 The creator of the petition, Wintana Melekin, told  Watch the Yard that the Columbus statue isn’t welcoming, which is weird, because I wasn’t aware that statues served that purpose. I don’t expect them to make me feel welcomed. They’re statues. They represent something, and that something doesn’t have to care about my feelings.
“I spend a lot of time at our State Capitol. It’s a space that already does not feel inviting or inclusive to communities of color, Melekin said, according to Town Hall. “So to see Columbus every day in front of the building does not make it feel more welcoming. So I put the petition together because I wanted to see someone, Prince, at the capitol because he represents a part of Minnesota that we are all proud of.”
I doubt this petition will go anywhere, but you never know. We live in a crazy world. I’m just sick and tired of everyone obsessing over statues.
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