LOL : Pelosi’s Father Has DEEP Connection to Confederate Statues!

Nancy Pelosi is urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to remove Confederate statues from government buildings.
This comes despite recent polling that shows Americans are not on board with erasing our nation’s history.
Furthermore, in another twist of irony, Nancy Pelosi’s Father actually dedicated MANY Confederate statues when he was the mayor of Baltimore.
he Sun exposed exactly how the city’s Confederate monuments came to be, with Pelosi’s father, former Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. playing a key role in the erection of a monument honoring Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.
At a 1948 dedication ceremony that drew 3,000 people, D’Alesandro encouraged local residents to look up to Lee and Jackson.
“Today, with our nation beset by subversive groups and propaganda which seeks to destroy our national unity, we can look for inspiration to the lives of Lee and Jackson to remind us to be resolute and determined in preserving our sacred institutions,” he said.
Pelosi has called for the removal of all confederate-linked statues in the Capitol Building, but has yet to denounce her father’s support for Lee and Jackson — nor has she condemned the racist roots of the Democratic Party. She also did not remove the statues when she was Speaker of the House.
“The truth is, the Democrats have a pretty poor history on Civil Rights, including Nancy Pelosi’s own father who was the Mayor of Baltimore – and was one of the people who dedicated statues to Robert E. Lee and ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, and in his speech said that they defended ‘sacred institutions,’” Ron Meyer, editor for the site, told Fox & Friends on Monday.
“What are those ‘sacred institutions?’” he questioned. “One of them is slavery.”
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