Look What is Selling Like Hotcakes! Liberals are FURIOUS Over This!

This has liberals whipped into a frenzy!
Following the events in Charlottesville, many would’ve expected the sales of Confederate flags to drop significantly, but it’s just the opposite, they’re selling like HOT CAKES.
Looks like the left’s efforts to shame Confederate history and symbols isn’t working.
The increase in demand for Confederate flags has nothing to do with racism or white supremacy, it is because Americans do not like being told what they can and cannot have, and are furious at seeing their history being erased by left-wing censorship.
Despite attempts to shame Confederate history and symbols, sales of Confederate flags are booming, AL.com reports.
Alabama Flag & Banner in Huntsville, Alabama is doing its best to meet the demand. It’s receiving up to 100 orders a day.
Other manufacturers stopped producing the flag after the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina and the subsequent decision by then-governor Nikki Haley to remove the Confederate flag from the state capitol building. Orders came streaming into the Flag & Banner store.
After violence in Charlottesville and talks about removing historic monuments that are tied to the Confederacy, there was another increased in demand for the flags, says the shop’s owner Belinda Kennedy.
“After the church shooting Amazon and Walmart stopped selling [the flag] and people were afraid they wouldn’t be able to buy it,” she told AL.com. “And then you started seeing streets renamed, schools being renamed, mountains being renamed. And then people started getting angry. And then there’s another surge.”
On average, the store has manufactured between 600-800 Confederate flags since 2015. Previously, they acted as more of middle-man, obtaining flags for clients from larger manufacturers.
There are some cottage industries producing hand-sewn Rebel flags. China got into the act years ago, producing cheap knock-ups that are available in some souvenir stores.
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