Look What Liberal Troll Stephen King is Doing to “Get Revenge” on Trump

As revenge for being blocked by President Trump, Liberal troll Stephen King claimed to the delight of liberals that he is “blocking” Trump from seeing his latest movie “IT.”
There’s only one problem.
There is literally no way for him to do that.
Nice try, Stephen.
From TheHill
Author Stephen King has a new way of getting back at President Trump for blocking him on Twitter — he’s going to block the president from seeing his movies.
Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT or MR. MERCEDES. No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself,” King tweeted.
Trump reportedly blocked King back in June.
His threat comes in time for the release of remake of the classic horror film “It,” which will be in theaters Sept. 8 and the release of a horror series “Mr. Mercedes” this month, both of which were adapted from his books.
Multiple of King’s books have been adapted into feature films, including “It” and “The Shining.”
King has been critical of Trump in the past, and has called for the president to be removed from office earlier this month after Trump made his controversial “fire and fury” threat to North Korea.
Donald Trump is unfit for office. Needs to be removed,” King said at the time.
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