Look Which Statues History Destroying Liberals are Attacking NOW

Liberals have been going nutty removing statues.
They’ve mainly focused on Confederate monuments, but they’ve also chucked in our founding fathers, Christopher Columbus,Mount Rushmore, and even Abraham Lincoln.
All supposedly because it reminds them of RACISM.
But a Catholic school in California are removing statues for a whole other reason: religion. 
The slippery slope of nonsense  continues!
From The Blaze
A Catholic school in California has removed religious statues from its campus in an effort to be more inclusive, the Marin Independent Journal reported Thursday night.
According to the report, parents of students attending the San Domenico School in San Anselmo “raised concerns” about the removal of the statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. San Domenico School is an independent Catholic school, meaning it is not operated by a Catholic parish or religious order. The K-12 school has 660 students.
Shannon Fitzpatrick, whose 8-year-old son attends the San Domenico School, wrote an email to the school’s board of directors, the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael that “articulating an inclusive foundation appears to mean letting go of San Domenico’s 167-year tradition as a Dominican Catholic school and being both afraid and ashamed to celebrate one’s heritage and beliefs.
“In our time here, the word ‘Catholic’ has been removed from the mission statement, sacraments were removed from the curriculum, the lower school curriculum was changed to world religions, the logo and colors were changed to be ‘less Catholic,’ and the uniform was changed to be less Catholic,” Fitzpatrick wrote.
Cheryl Newell, a mother of four graduates from San Domenico, told the Marin Independent Journal, “I am extremely disappointed in the school and the direction they’ve been going.”
“This isn’t a new thing that they’ve been intentionally eroding their Catholic heritage. They’re trying to be something for everyone and they’re making no one happy,” she said.
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