President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met with the Cabinet secretaries and other senior administration officials on Saturday to discuss the government’s Hurricane Harvey response and recovery efforts.The president directed officials to “stay fully engaged” and prioritize saving lives of those affected by the Category 4 storm, according to the White House Press Office. Trump directed his team to work in support of the governors of Texas and Louisiana, and offered his prayers to any Americans in harm’s way.”President Trump emphasized his expectations that all departments and agencies stay fully engaged and positioned to support his number one priority of saving lives,” a White House statement read. “He reminded his team that the full impacts of this storm will occur over the next few days with heavy rains and flooding.”
Harvey made landfall Friday night as a Category 4 storm, and the National Hurricane Center reported Saturday morning the storm surge coming toward the Texas coast is a “life-threatening event.” The storm surge could be as high as 12 feet in some areas.
The storm has slowed down over land and could become a tropical storm later on Saturday, according to the center.
Harvey is expected to produce between 15 and 30 inches of rain in most areas it affects, with some areas seeing as much as 40 inches of rain.
The National Hurricane Center warned “Harvey moving slowly over Texas producing torrential rains … catastrophic flooding expected over the next few days.”
The storm may finally clear up by the middle of next week.
Officials have not been able to say if there have been any casualties in the storm because the hardest hit areas are not currently accessible.