REPORT : The “Russia Hacked the DNC” Story Is About to Be Proven FALSE!

Brace yourselves, the final blow is coming to the Democrats’ phony Russia hacking theory.
As you probably know by now, the Democrats and the fake news media have dropped the Russia narrative like a hot potato.
Now, we’ve moved onto “NAZI and KKK” garbage.
However, the Russia conspiracy is not going to go quietly off into the night.
This mess is about to BLOW UP in the Democrats’ face in a YUGE way.
California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s recent three-hour meeting with WikiLeaks head Julian Assange as reported earlier this week by The Hill may prove interesting in light of the allegations of several former high-ranking U.S. intelligence analysts that the Democratic National Committee was not hacked by the Russians or anyone else prior to last fall’s presidential election.
Mr. Rohrabacher said little after the meeting other than that Mr. Assange repeated his denial that the materials he obtained and made public did not come from the Russians, but claimed he had more information about what actually happened that he intended to share with President Trump.

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