SHOCK VIDEO : White Antifa Thug Arrested for Assaulting Black Trump Supporter!

A white member of the violent Alt-Left group, Antifa, has been arrested for brutally attacking a black Trump supporter in Laguna Beach.
The coward snuck around his victim, catching him off guard while giving an interview, then punched him from the side in a disgusting sneak attack.
These kind of loathsome tactics have become the bread and butter of Antifa, who frequently attack lone individuals in groups, or sneak up and sucker punch their victims.
This incident is one of an uncountable number of vicious attacks on Trump supporters at the hands of Antifa, who have yet to be denounced by the liberal media and spineless GOP traitors.
Antifa has spent the past year beating, egging, macing, and stabbing Trump supporters, and has now taken to throwing urine and even acid on them, as well as planting IED-styled bombs in public places.
Until this violent group of left-wing domestic terrorists is outlawed nationwide, the politicians who fail to address them, as well as the media who desperately tries to portray them as “peaceful protesters” have the blood of all who’re injured by them on their hands.
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