Singer Joy Villa is TAKING A STAND Against the Anti-Trump Entertainment Industry!

Singer Joy Villa sent shockwaves through the liberal entertainment industry when she announced her strong support for Donald Trump, and has been one of the most loyal and vocal supporters of our president.
Despite receiving massive amounts of backlash and hate from the left, she’s stuck by President Trump, and never wavered.
Villa has fought back against those who have sent hate her way, and has refused to let them force her to back down.
Unfortunately, Villa has now been caught in the blatantly unfair purge of conservatives and Trump supporters on YouTube, which makes no attempts to hide its liberal bias.
Joy’s new video, titled “MAGA” was abruptly censored on YouTube for murky reasons; in a letter issued to her from Youtube, the company cited a “nameless complaint” and indicated that someone in Villa’s video had an issue.
Villa denies this, saying that she personally interviewed everyone who appeared in her music video and got consent, and says that YouTube is censoring her due to her pro-Trump views.
This is not something new, we’ve seen countless Trump supporters be censored by YouTube for arbitrary reasons, and Joy Villa is one more who’s been unfairly silenced.
However, Joy is fighting back, and she’s determined to get her music out to the public, as well as to expose the unfair targeting of Trump supporters online- if anyone can do something about it, it’s her.
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