Stacey Dash Gives Mad Max a Piece of Her Mind and It’s GLORIOUS!

Stacey Dash just opened up a whole can of whoop ass on Maxine Waters!
Mad Max had quite a bombastic speech at the BET’s “Black Girls Rock” event where she threatened conservatives, President Trump, and conservatives.
Pretty typical Mad Max stuff…
But Dash has had enough and lashed out at Waters on Twitter for her comments, calling her a “corrupt media buffoon.”
From The Blaze
During her speech, Waters said, “If you come for me, I’m coming for you,” and called out “right-wing, ultra conservative, ‘alt-right’ haters.”
 Waters went on to threaten President Donald Trump’s presidency once again.
Whether it’s the president of the United States of America or any of his Cabinet, we will say to them, ‘We will resist you, we will not allow you to damage this country in the way that you’re doing, we will not allow you to take us backwards.’ Not only will we resist you, we will impeach you, Mr. President.
Dash took to Twitter Thursday to rip Waters, calling the liberal firebrand a “corrupt media buffoon.” The response from the black community was not kind.

Accusations and insults

In response to Waters’ speech, Dash wrote on Twitter, “This is how you spin a corrupt media buffoon sucking up her late in life 15 minutes,” and shared an article featuring Waters’ speech.
Replying to her own tweet, Dash added, “Ok. I digress. I should not name call. She’s NOT A WARRIOR OF TRUTH.”


Immediately, insults calling Dash’s “blackness” into question surfaced, but she was prepared to fire back with her own comments.
Apparently addressing commenters in her Twitter feed, Dash hours later tweeted, “Calls for me to ‘be black, act black’ or ‘rejoin the black race’ are endemic of people blinded by the left strategy of self-segregation.”
In response to her cries of “self-segregation,” many Twitter users indicated that they didn’t want her to be part in the black race.
Several articles addressing Dash’s comments were written, addressing her comments about Waters, and boasted headlines like, “Sunken Place Skank Stacey Dash Came For Maxine Waters, Dragged To C**nsville,”Dear Stacey Dash: Go Sit Your A** Down Somewhere,” and from BET itself, who hosted the “Black Girls Rock” event, “Girl, Bye! Stacey Dash Calls Rep. Maxine Waters A ‘Buffoon’.”
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