Trump Just SLAMMED the Lying Media in One EPIC Tweet!

Nobody can use Twitter quite like President Trump, and he’s proving that yet again.
Trump took to social media to slam the lying media, especially the failing liberal rag-mags who have spent the past year slandering him non-stop.
Describing the monstrous levels of liberal butt-hurt as “ferocious anger,” President Trump questioned their motives for their relentless attacks on him.
“…It makes me wonder, WHY? All I want to do is #MAGA!” said the president, voicing his frustration with the liberal media and their unfair (and biased) attacks on him.
Americans have had enough of the fake news media, and share in their president’s questions; at this point, the media has become more of an enemy entity that is completely dedicated to destroying President Trump.
His supporters, and the majority of the country, stand behind him, and are fed up with the lying media and their relentless attacks.
Like President Trump said, we just want to MAGA!
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