VIDEO : Libs All Using the EXACT SAME Phrase to Feign Outrage Over Arpaio Pardon

Ever notice how the left (and anti-Trump forces) all seem to use the exact same talking points when it comes to their attacks on our president?
Well, it looks like they “got the same memo” yet again, because a number of anti-Trump toadies have come forward to say the exact same phrase.
In less than 24 hours, CNN troll and resident “Republican” Ana Navarro, and the Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, have both used the same phrasing, almost word for word, to describe their “dismay” at Trump’s pardoning of Arpaio.
Both have described the move as “a slap in the face to Latinos.”
Countless others, such as Bernie Sanders, have all used the same wording, and have all described the move as “racist,” which seems to be the liberals’ key word lately.
It’s strange, this handful of anti-Trump stooges claims to speak for the entire Hispanic community, but conveniently forgets that Trump got almost 50% support from the Latino community during the election.
In reality, everyone knows that Sheriff Joe was persecuted for simply doing his job, which was to arrest and deport illegal aliens; his arrest was nothing more than a political “assassination” by Obama and his far-left buddies.
Interestingly enough, none of these idiots who are criticizing Trump for pardoning Sheriff Joe said a word when Obama pardoned criminals, thugs, and convicted terrorists from Gitmo.
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