Watch How President Trump Just Honored Our Troops!

President Trump gave his weekly address to the nation recently, and made sure to give a special shout out to our soldiers.
Trump spoke of the great honor he had when he addressed the troops at Fort Myer, as well as speaking to thousands of American veterans at the American Legion Convention, something that left a lasting impression on him.
President Trump has long been an outspoke champion for U.S. veterans, going far back before he ever planned on a career in politics, and his love and admiration for our men and women in uniform has only gotten stronger.
Trump stressed the fact that unity, regardless of race, gender, and other factors, is the key principle of the military, and implied that we could all learn from their discipline and brotherhood.
In this divided country, Trump’s words are absolutely correct; America needs to find unity again, and having pride in our brave soldiers is a great way to start.
After eight years of Obama, who disparaged our military at every opportunity, it is great to have a president who cherishes and respects our servicemen and women as much as President Trump.
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