WHAT??? Watch Liberal Protesters Blame Trump for Kaepernick Not Getting Hired

On Wednesday, a horde of angry people rallied outside the NFL headquarters in San Francisco, in a protest against what they called “injustice.”
The “injustice” they’re angry about it the fact that Colin Kaepernick, who has stirred racial tensions and played politics (rather than focusing on playing football) cannot get hired by any teams in the NFL.
It has nothing to do with “injustice” at all, and everything to do with teams not wanting to hire people that are going to cause trouble and bring drama to the game.
Kaepernick’s antics, and his intentionally injecting political strife into something that was never supposed to be political in the first place, is a cancer to any team, and it spreads like wildfire; of course he’s not going to have teams competing to hire him- he’s not even very good on the field.
Rather than accepting any responsibility, Kaepernick, who has turned into a “social justice martyr” lately, has blamed “racism” and “inequality,” but in reality, his own behavior and poor performance is to be blamed, nothing more.
Now, divisive, anti-American figures like Linda Sarsour, Jesse Jackson, and Ibtihaj Muhammad have all used Kaepernick and the fans who stand behind him to promote their own agenda: at the core is a strong loathing for American culture, and it’s brimming with anti-white undertones as well. Some even went so far as to blame President Trump for Kaepernick not being hired as you can hear in the video below.
The thing is, if Colin Kaepernick wants to get hired, he should focus more on his skills as a football player, and leave the politics and social justice crusade OFF the field.
The NFL has every right not to hire him, and by DEMANDING that they give a spot to an aging athlete (whose skills were never above average) is an insult to the really talented young players who deserve a chance to play.
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