WOW! De Blasio Just Got EXPOSED Wasting MILLIONS in Taxpayer Dollars!

Bill De Blasio is abusing his power yet again.
He’s been blowing millions of taxpayer dollars on himself, by hiring “special assistants” as well as bolstering the salaries of his current staff members.
This guy has absolutely no respect for the office he holds, or the people he’s supposed to represent.
He is an embarrassment to the city, and should resign in shame.
From the New York Post
Mayor de Blasio’s spending on his “special assistants” ballooned by $4.6 million over the past fiscal year as he fattened their ranks by nearly 13 percent and doled out raises to those already on staff, The Post has learned.
The bloated taxpayer-funded roster of de Blasio’s vaguely titled aides — who are accountable only to Hizzoner and constitute about 40 percent of his already large staff — grew by another 34 to 298, payroll records show.
The move helped swell their collective salaries to $23.3 million during the year that ended June 30, up nearly 25 percent from fiscal 2016, according to payroll records.
Those paid more than $100,000 each jumped to 84, up about 30 percent, while four pocketed more than $200,000 each.
De Blasio also shifted four special assistants to the Department of Veterans Services, off-loading nearly $540,000 in spending from the Mayor’s Office.
Among the dozen highest-paid special assistants, two — senior adviser Andrea Hagelgans and press secretary Eric Phillips, who made $217,084 and $193,135, respectively — are responsible for helping to burnish the mayor’s image.
A third, special counsel Henry Berger, who made $198,816, is the mayor’s longtime election lawyer.
At least three of the special assistants who were on the public payroll during fiscal 2017 have since left to work on de Blasio’s November re-election bid.
A former city official said bestowing the title of “special assistant” on his underlings gives de Blasio increased flexibility to shower them with the public’s hard-earned cash.
“When you want to give someone a big raise, it’s easier if you say they’re doing a different job,” the source said.
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