After Officer Crashes in Motorcade, Trump Refuses to Take Off Without Talking to Him

Recently, a police officer who was part of President Trump’s motorcade crashed his motorcycle during Trump’s visit to Indiana, leaving him injured and rattled.
Sadly, after crashing, many people stopped and took pictures of officer Robert Turner, of the Indianapolis Police Department, but didn’t get out to help.
President Trump, however, cares about every American, and has a special place in his heart for our police officers and veterans, and went out of his way to check on officer Turner.
In fact, the president refused to take off in Air Force One until after he was able to speak to Turner, who was rushed to the hospital in a neck brace.
The IMPD was grateful that President Trump went out of his way to check on officer Turner, and thanked him in an official statement.
The wounded officer is said to be in much higher spirits after talking with President Trump, and is on the road to recovery now.
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