Anthem Protests SLASH the NFL’s Favorability in HALF!

The NFL’s downward spiral continues.
New poll numbers are in, and the NFL’s favorability ratings have been cut in half amongst Trump supporters.
Morning Consult conducted the survey, and the results are a very bad sign for the NFL.
They released the following data in a press release to The Daily Caller:
NFL’s Brand Favorability Drops To Lowest Point Since Morning Consult Started Tracking: The NFL’s net favorability has dropped from 30% on September 21 to 17% on September 28.
On September 21, 25% of Trump supporters said they had a very favorable view of the NFL and 11% had a very unfavorable view.
As of Sept 28, those numbers have dramatically changed with 33% of Trump supporters say they have a very unfavorable view of the NFL and 16% report having a very favorable view.
Dropping from 30 percent to only 17 percent in a week is a massive red flag for NFL management. Any smart businessman can look at those numbers and realize the league is now in full crisis mode.
The longer these protests go on the worse things are going get for the NFL, unless something changes. It’s also proof that Trump supporters are more likely to side with the president than the NFL, given the massive protests came after comments he made during an Alabama rally.
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