BREAKING: Dems Seek Indictment of Sarah Huckabee Over Comey Comments

Since the election of President Trump, the Democrats have completely lost any sense of logic, reasoning, or sanity they once had.
There’s been no shortage of Democrat politicians who’ve made public fools of themselves with their unhinged and ridiculous fantasies about “Russian collusion,” and arresting President Trump, along with his family and staff.
Now, we’re seeing yet another example of liberal America’s ever-worsening grasp on reality, as they have included Sarah Huckabee in their twisted version of “justice.”
According to a few Senate Democrats, including Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Sarah Huckabee broke the law by taking a strong stance against the disgraced James Comey, and they want her to face charges.
This is just sheer liberal foolishness, and shows just how out-of-touch the left has become.
Sarah Huckabee did her job, and of course that included mentioning James Comey, considering he went out of his way to undermine and harm President Trump.
In fact, the one who should be facing charges and a federal indictment is Comey himself, after he violated the law on multiple occasions, and perjured himself under oath.
These far-fetched delusions that the Democrats are clinging to speak volumes to the childish mentality found among the “progressive left” these days, and are a great explanation as to why liberals are unable to find a foothold with American voters recently.
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