BREAKING: NBA LAYS DOWN THE LAW ‘Players Will Stand for Anthem’

The NBA has learned a valuable lesson from the NFL’s epic mistakes.
The NFL has gone “progressive,” and turned into a radical offshoot of the cop-hating group Black Lives Matter.
Low-info NFL divas are “taking the knee” and “locking arms” to protest supposed police oppression and social injustice.
The backlash from the fans has been swift and severe.
Ratings for NFL games are in the toilet, and ticket sales are down nearly 18%.
The NBA commissioner has come out and announced that all players will STAND for the National Anthem.
Well, football these days pretty much stinks — so on to the next sport, yes? There’s always basketball.
And it’s looking like the NBA may be the place to be.
“It’s been a rule as long as I’ve been involved with the league,” said Adam Silver, the NBA’s commissioner, about standing for the playing of the national anthem, The Associated Press reported. “And my expectation is that our players will continue to stand for the anthem.”
Thank goodness. The smart money’s on the NBA picking up even more fan steam this season. As football falls in favor — and it is, with advertising dollars dropping since the start of last season, when Colin Kaepernick started the whole dropping-to-knee political protest movement — fans are going to need a new home.
There’s hockey. There’s basketball. There’s female football.
“The [Legends Football League] salutes all those who make this the greatest country in the world,” the women of this league said in a recently released video, “and we stand in salute of our flag.”
And then look at this, from the Daily Wire, a piece about a black NHL player with this headline: “Most Prominent Black NHL Player Won’t Kneel for U.S. Anthem. And He’s Canadian.”
P.K. Subban, a Canadian who plays for the Nashville Predators, said he’d never kneel during the anthem because he just has too much respect for the U.S. flag, according to this story.
The NFL could learn something from Subban — from the NBA, from the LFL. It’s a lesson that goes like this: Respect America and America will respect you.
Keep the politics off the field.
Football isn’t the only game in town.
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