BREAKING: Trump Prepares Options Against North Korea as Another Missile Test Looms

North Korea is likely to launch another Missile test this weekend and the Trump White House is readying aggressive actions including military options.
From NBC
The Trump administration is readying a package of diplomatic and military moves against North Korea, including cyberattacks and increased surveillance and intelligence operations, after the nation’s sixth and largest nuclear test, according to senior White House and Pentagon officials.
The U.S. may also propose a U.N. Security Council resolution mandating the inspection of ships arriving or leaving the reclusive state, the officials said. The expanded inspections would target vessels carrying missile parts and technology that North Korea exports as well as materials the country imports, a senior administration official said.
President Trump is also seriously considering adopting diplomatically risky sanctions on Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang and upgrading missile defense systems in the region, administration officials said. In addition, the administration is not ruling out moving tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea should Seoul request them, a White House official said, though many consider such a move a nonstarter. It would break with nearly three decades of U.S. policy of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.
The proposals form part of a more aggressive approach to North Korea being considered by Trump, according to nearly a dozen administration and defense officials and others aware of the strategy, all of whom requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.
Trump’s top national security advisers walked him through a range of options over lunch in the White House on Sunday, just hours after North Korea’s latest test, officials said.
While the discussion included details of U.S. military capabilities, the core part of the strategy remains diplomacy with China and America’s allies, the officials said. Trump suggested as much Thursday when he left open the possibility of military action against North Korea but said it is not his preferred course.
“I would prefer not going the route of the military, but it’s something certainly that could happen,” Trump said during a news conference at the White House.
His comments coincided with U.S. officials anticipating another ICBM launch from North Korea in coming days.
Trump’s national security advisers presented him with U.S. military options, including pre-emptive strikes, and nuclear capabilities should America be called on to abide by its treaty obligations in the region, White House and defense officials said. The president’s advisers have made the case, however, that military strikes on North Korea could have serious repercussions, senior defense officials said.
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