BREAKING: White House Resignation!

Rather than get fired, Tom Price has resigned after being busted inappropriately using government funds for his own travel.

From Reuters
U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned under pressure from President Donald Trump on Friday in an uproar over Price’s use of private charter planes for government business.
His abrupt departure was announced an hour after Trump told reporters he was disappointed in Price’s use of expensive plane travel and did not like the optics of it.
“Secretary of Health and Human Services Thomas Price offered his resignation earlier today and the president accepted,” the White House said in a statement.
Trump named Don Wright to serve as acting secretary. Wright is currently the deputy assistant secretary for health and director of the office of disease prevention and health promotion.
“I’m not happy. OK? I’m not happy,” Trump told reporters on the White House South Lawn.
Trump, currently trying to sell his tax cut plan and oversee the federal response to devastation wreaked by three hurricanes, saw the Price drama as an unnecessary distraction and behind the scenes was telling aides “what was he thinking?,” a source close to the president told Reuters.
Price promised on Thursday to repay the nearly $52,000 cost of his seats on private charter flights. “The taxpayers won’t pay a dime for my seat on those planes,” Price, a former congressman, said.
But that was not enough to satisfy Trump.
Trump told reporters that the “optics” of Price’s travel were not good since, as president, he is spending a lot of time trying to renegotiate U.S. contracts to get a better deal for taxpayers.
“Look, I think he’s a very fine person. I certainly don’t like the optics,” Trump said.
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