Brian Kilmeade on NFL Protesters ‘The Only People Losing Are The Fans’

With the NFL in full “social justice warrior” mode these days, it seems almost everyone is weighing in on the controversy.
Regardless of individual opinions on the matter, one thing is clear: the NFL is destroying itself and tearing the country apart even further.
The thing is, the NFL has no business getting involved in politics, and at this point, it appears as if football has taken a backseat to anti-cop themed protests.
Coaches and team owners have encouraged the behavior, and seem to care more about promoting their players’ anti-American protesting than their performance on the field.
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade points out that as the NFL continues to push a hateful and divisive left-wing agenda, “The only people losing are the fans.”
That is absolutely true, but the fans won’t be the only ones losing, as the NFL continues to see viewership and profits drop at unprecedented rates.
By disrespecting America, the flag, the National Anthem, cops, and veterans, the NFL and its activist players have alienated over half of their customers, which is a recipe for failure in ANY business.
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