Chelsea Handler Faces MAJOR BACKLASH Over Her Disgusting Joke About Melania

It seems like every day there’s a new, horrible tweet from Chelsea Handler insulting President Trump, his family, or his administration.
Yesterday was no exception, as Handler posted a despicable joke about First Lady Melania Trump’s discussion on opioid abuse.
Chelsea Handler is a great example of what liberals think “comedy” is, and proves that the left doesn’t have a decent sense of humor.
What liberals find to be funny, the rest of us see as inappropriate and disgusting, which is exactly why the left is unable to get a foothold among average Americans.
From The Blaze
Comedienne Chelsea Handler is being lambasted on social media over yet another inappropriate joke about the Trumps, and especially first lady Melania.
What did she say?
Her insult came in the form of a tweet mocking the first lady.
What was the response?
Handler’s joke was assailed by many on the other side of the aisle in a range of responses from saying it’s not funny, to criticizing her for joking about a horrific drug epidemic that is taking Americans lives on a daily basis.
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