Clueless MSNBC Guest Claims Trump ‘Wants Us Kneeling in Cotton Fields Again’

The antics and race-baiting from the mainstream media and the NFL, who are working together to push their hateful agenda have reached levels of utter ridiculousness.
Recently, MSNBC has trotted out a long list of race-baiting guests, who have desperately tried to sow the seeds of racial tension and division even further.
MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, who is well known for being a professional race-baiter himself, had former NBA player Craig Hodges as a guest on the network, and the two wasted no time in spewing anti-Trump hate.
Hodges showed his true colors, going on a low-info rant against President Trump, saying “…As opposed to his kneeling on behalf of righteousness and justice, he wants us to be kneeling in the cotton fields again.”
This hateful comment from Hodges was not the end of his tirade, as he also called on the “world court” to “step in” and do something about “human rights violations,” which he believes are still going on.
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