Disgraced NFL LIAR Michael Bennet Tries To Justify Anti-American Protests

As the NFL continues to promote the anti-American, anti-police agenda coming from a few players who suddenly consider themselves to be “activists,” more Americans are getting fed up and tuning out.
It turns out that the average working American does NOT want to hear about “social inequality” and the constant allegations of racism against our police officers, and now the NFL’s profits are suffering.
That could be the cause for some of the most divisive players, such as Michael Bennet, attempting to “walk back” some of their earlier comments.
Bennet was recently exposed as a liar and a fraud, after he claimed that he was brutalized and unfairly detained by police, who quickly shot down his lies with a video of his arrest.
Lately, Bennet has been one of the main agitators in the NFL, who has been relentless in his criticism of the police and open in his disrespect for the American flag and the national anthem.
In reality, Bennet and other NFL players are attempting to do damage control, as they see their own profits suffering from their anti-American behavior, and just want to keep the money flowing in from jersey sales.
Bennet and the other on-field protesters in the NFL have alienated a large portion of the country, and no matter what he says, he and the rest of the crybabies in the league are not protesting “racism” or “social injustice,” they’re anti-cop, anti-white, and anti-American.
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