Disgraceful MSNBC CUTS From President Trump’s Speech to Smear Ivanka

MSNBC, like the rest of the lying liberal media, is in a downward spiral, and is completely obsessed with pushing a blatant and disgusting anti-Trump agenda nonstop.
The very mention of President Trump or his family is enough to send most of the network into a triggered rage, and that’s exactly what just happened.
MSNBC decided to cut short the president’s speech today by 30 minutes, and then, of course, used the event as an opportunity to take pot-shots at President Trump.
Stephanie Rhule, MSNBC host and known Trump-hater, said she thought it was “stunning to hear the president talk about the honor and beauty of American craftsmanship,” due to false allegations that neither Donald or Ivanka Trump uses U.S. manufacturers themselves.
Rhule’s co-host, Ali Veshi, another Trump-hater, also added a few hateful jabs of his own, proving that the mainstream media is more interested in making sarcastic and hateful comments about President Trump than in actually reporting.
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