Eric Bolling’s Accuser Celebrated His Firing on Twitter Right Before His Son Died

The woman who accused Eric Bolling of sexual harassment because he called her “Dr. McHottie” multiple times on air as a joke, was celebrating his being fired from Fox News just hours before Eric Bolling’s son died of an overdose.
Now Eric’s son is dead.
From PJMedia
Fox News contributor Eric Bolling, who was fired on Friday, lost his son, possibly to an overdose, on Saturday. TMZ reports:
Well placed FNC sources tell TMZ …  Eric Chase died from a drug overdose. We’re told he was having a hard time dealing with the trouble his dad was having at the network. Our sources say he was extremely embarrassed by the stories and was “emotionally upset.”
His dad and FNC parted company after the co-host of “The Five” allegedly sent lewd text messages to co-workers along with photos of his genitals.
Bolling’s accuser, Caroline Heldman, seems to be purging her Twitter account of gloating tweets she made at the firing of Bolling on Friday. Reading Heldman’s tweets in the light of Eric Chase’s death is sobering.
Heldman fancies herself as some kind of heroine, taking down men who may have asked her out, complimented her beauty, or told a dirty joke in her presence. Included in her headcount was Fox News titan Bill O’Reilly.
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