FAILING DNC Chair Tom Perez Takes A Second Part-Time Job

In an inexcusable act of hypocrisy, after telling Keith Ellison being DNC chair was a “FULL TIME JOB,” Tom Perez is taking a part-time job himself.
It’s also not like Perez is knocking it out of the park as DNC chair either as he has been consistently getting crushed by GOP fundraising efforts since taking over the reigns.
Tom Perez, the Obama-era secretary of labor and current DNC chair, is taking a part-time job to teach as a senior fellow at Brown University, his alma mater, according to The Hill.
It’s a one-year appointment in which Perez will “lead a noncredit study group” about leadership in government.
When Perez announced his candidacy for DNC Chair in December 2016, he said it was a “fulltime job.”
During a question and answer portion of the call Connecticut Democratic Party chairman Nick Balletto asked if Perez would try to run for governor of Maryland while running for DNC chair. Perez had been weighing a challenge to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican.
“This is a fulltime job Nick. When I chatted with Bruce Poole and told him I decided to put my hat in the ring for this we had that conversation,” Perez said. “You’ve got to have someone committed here for the long haul and I’m absolutely committed to that.”
In all likelihood, Perez used that phrase as a barb at fellow candidate, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), who eventually committed to stepping down from his congressional post if he won to serve the DNC fulltime. Ellison now serves as Perez’s deputy chair.
Meanwhile, the DNC is facing challenges it hasn’t seen in years. The 2016 battle between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) continues to divide the party.
Making matters worse, the DNC is experiencing one of its worst fundraising cycles on record. Democrats had just $6.9 million cash on hand, according to the DNC’s July FEC report. The GOP’s counterpart organization, the Republican National Committee, had $47.1 million on hand.
Many are blaming Perez’s poor fundraising and management skills for the slumping numbers. Taking a part-time job at Brown is not likely to allay Democrats’ fears.
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