Federal Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Can Get Away With MURDER

The cop-hating group Black Lives Matter was facing several lawsuits for the violence and death that ensues during their violent “protests.”
However, a federal judge has come to the hate group’s rescue, and has given them a free pass to do whatever they want.
The judge ruled that BLM is a “movement,” not an “organization” and thus can’t be sued.
This is just another case of activist judges using pushing a far-left agenda on the American people, and making decisions that directly hurt the rest of the country.
From NBC News
A Federal Judge has decided that Black Lives Matter is a movement, not an organization, and therefore can not be sued.
nbcnews.com reports: Black Lives Matter is a social movement, like the tea party or the civil rights movement, and therefore can’t be sued, a federal judge ruled Thursday.
A police officer anonymously sued Black Lives Matter and DeRay Mckesson, a prominent activist in the movement, after being injured by a rock thrown during a protest over a deadly police shooting in Baton Rouge last year.
But U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson dismissed the officer’s suit and ruled that Black Lives Matter is not an entity capable of being sued.
“Although many entities have utilized the phrase ‘black lives matter’ in their titles or business designations, ‘Black Lives Matter’ itself is not an entity of any sort,” Jackson wrote in his 24-page ruling.
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