High School Football Team Puts NFL Divas to Shame by Standing With Cops for Anthem

As NFL athletes continue to behave like a bunch of spoiled, entitled children, we’ve seen other football players, such as an all-female league and several college teams, call them out for their disrespect.
Now, a high school football team is stepping up and showing the divas in the NFL what being a sportsman and a patriotic American is all about.
Students and athletes at Mascoutah High School showed their class and American pride when they recently took the field with dozens of police officers, veterans, and first responders, then stood together in honor of the national anthem and the flag.
The really great thing is, this event was planned long before the NFL began its anti-American protests, and was done simply out of respect for those who serve our country selflessly.
The NFL could learn a thing or two from these high school athletes, and should be focusing on setting a good example rather than pushing divisive, racially-charged political statements on the field.
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