HuffPo Writer Claims Standing for the Anthem is Supporting ‘White Supremacy’

Huffington Post writer, Jesse Benn, claims that white athletes who choose to stand for the national anthem are also standing for white supremacy.
Nevermind the fact that there are still black players standing for the anthem, but they’ll probably be labeled “black white supremacists.”
The race-baiting from the liberal media is unbelievable and blatant, and they’re encouraging division and exacerbating racial tensions as part of the agenda they’re paid to push.
Liberal rags like Huffington Post are the worst of the bunch, and are tearing apart our country by promoting nonstop anti-white, anti-American sentiment for profit.
White athletes are NOT the only ones standing for the national anthem, that’s another racially-charged lie from the liberal media, designed to further sow the seeds of racial disharmony and spread division throughout America.
The absence of white athletes kneeling for the anthem Sunday was a particularly illustrative moment in white privilege.
See, for white athletes the anthem and American flag do represent freedom, liberty and whatever other amorphous American values one might ascribe these symbols. So, from their view, kneeling would be disrespectful to the privileges a white supremacist nation affords them.
We’ve all heard the typical argument against kneeling. “Kneeling during the anthem disrespects the flag and the soldiers who fought for your right to protest and blah blah blah patriotism!”
Now, I’m not going to spend much time with the most obvious counter, but it’s worth stating. In the fairytale we Americans tell ourselves where soldiers fight wars for freedom and not imperial conquests, the story says they’re fighting for someone’s right to protest, not the opposite. So using the troops as a cudgel against protest wholly misunderstands even our own national fairytale.
So, that’s obvious enough, but what I’m talking about is this. If white athletes can’t fathom kneeling because they feel soldiers fought for their rights and blah blah blah patriotism, it’s because they are treated as full citizens and afforded those rights they imagine soldiers fought for. Interpreting their own experience as something more universal, they struggle to understand why anyone should kneel. Indeed, for them, the anthem and American flag represent promises fulfilled.
This is the problem of privilege. It skews our ability to grasp what the world looks like outside our view.
But even in the terms of American values, Kaepernick’s point is quite straightforward — the promises that underlie those values remain unfulfilled for black Americans.
This isn’t a matter of opinion. Statistics reveal disparities along racial lines regarding wealtheducationhealthy foodemploymenthealth carehousingwagescriminal charges/sentences and practically every other imaginable measure of quality of life. This isn’t a mistake of history or attributable to individual or cultural traits of the oppressed. These are the results of centuries of systemic white supremacy, plain and simple.
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