Joe Biden’s Daughter Reveals What She Thinks Her Dad Will Decide for 2020

Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley revealed that her father is considering a 2020 run saying “I think he will do it.”
Well liberals, best get ready to settle in for four more years of Trump!
Ashley Biden said in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily that her father was pondering a run, and that she thinks he will ultimately decide to do it.
The Biden family has been going through a grieving process for Joe’s son Beau, who died in 2015 while serving as attorney general of Delaware. But Ashley Biden said the family has stayed united around her father as he considers the decision.
“He is more vivacious and has more energy in his 70s than I do in my 30s,” she said of her father. “The man is sort of supercharged. So I think, if we get to that [decision] point, yeah, I think he will do it.”
“A lot can happen in four years and we know this as a family,” she said. “If he is in good health, knock on wood, and seeing what the landscape is at the time, yeah, I think he is considering it.”
She expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of Biden running for president, but added that he has not decided for sure. Asked whether he will run, Ashley Biden said, “I hope so.”
“He’s taking it day by day after the loss of my dear beloved brother,” she added, referring to Beau. “He’ll make a decision when that time comes.”
It remains unclear when Biden would be ready to make that decision, but his daughter hinted that he’ll be closer to knowing whether in 2018 or 2019. She was asked about how often the Biden family talk about him running, and speculated that they would talk about it more soon given how President Donald Trump has been doing.
“Not often because I think we know in a year or two, God willing, we’ll probably speak about it more,” she said. “Listen, I am in full support. I am so ready for sensible, just good responsible policy that takes an equity for the American people who are from all over. We are a country from immigrants.”
“But a lot can happen in three years,” she added. “You just don’t know. Life happens.”
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