Kelli Ward SLAMS Jeff Flake ‘He’s an Open Borders, Amnesty Globalist’

Every Arizona poll has shown that Jeff Flake is in deep trouble.
It turns out that being an anti-Trump open borders swamp creature Republican is not what voters are looking for.
His GOP opponent Kelli Ward sums it up perfectly here.
From Breitbart
Former Arizona state senator Dr. Kelli Ward said Sen. Jeff Flake’s globalist bent is “unacceptable for America,” in an interview Saturday with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM hosts Raheem Kassam and Stephen K. Bannon.
Ward — who’s running against Flake for his Senate seat and is up, according to some polls by double digits — said the “message of liberty and freedom resonates across the spectrum. Independents, Republicans, Democrats, too, they want freedom.”
“I want freedom. They want people who are going to go to Washington, D.C., and fight for that,” Dr. Ward said.
Dr. Ward said Sen. Flake “is a man with no country. He’s abandoned his conservative principles. He has been weak on the border, he’s been weak on crime.”
“He’s an open borders, amnesty globalist,” Dr. Ward said of Sen. Flake. “He is a self-professed globalist. He much prefers the global community to putting America first. And that is unacceptable in Arizona, and it’s unacceptable in this country.”
You can listen to the segment here.
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