Lena Dunham is Considering Turning Hillary’s Failed Memoir Into a MOVIE

While we’ve all enjoyed watching the trainwreck that is Hillary’s new book “What Happened,” liberals like Lena Dunham aren’t satisfied and want to drag out the Hillary saga for as long as possible.
Apparently, Dunham has been tossing around the idea of adapting Hillary’s failed memoir into a film, suggesting that HBO should pick up the project.
This is becoming just sad at this point…
Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine a more insufferable combo?
Fortunately, it’s not a done deal.
Dunham has to get her surroundings set first. “We will for sure read it,” Dunham tells The Hollywood Reporter.“It’s something where I need to get into bed with a hot water bottle and read it; it’s not like a casual train read for me.”
The reason why she craves distraction-free time to consume Clinton’s campaign tome, which moved more than 300,000 copies in its first week across all platforms, is because Dunham stumped hard for the Democratic nominee. “After you work on the campaign for 18 months and invest yourself in the way we did, it’s something you want to read when you have time to reflect on it.”
When queried on whether the book would make a good TV or film adaptation, Dunham jokes, “Great question slash suggestion,” with [Lenny Letter partner Jenni] Konner adding, “Call HBO; we’ll have to see if Danny Strong is available.” Strong penned 2012’s Game Change about Sarah Palin joining the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign.
Why do I find that “hot water bottle” comment so incredibly annoying?
I hate everything about Lena Dunham with a fiery passion.
I hope to GOD this doesn’t happen.
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