LOL! Merkel Suffers Her Second Tomato Attack in Three Days!

Clearly, the people in Germany are not too fond of their current Chancellor.
After years of forcing her open borders, mass-migration policies on Germany, the country is in dire straights, and is plagued by crime, rape, and terrorism.
Now, Germans have had enough, and are starting to let Merkel know exactly how they feel about her disastrous policies of forcing hundreds of thousands of unvetted Islamic migrants on their cities.
On Friday, angry protesters hurled tomatoes at Angela Merkel’s car as she arrived for a rally.
This is the second time in a week that Merkel has had tomatoes thrown at her, and is probably not the last.
Anti-Merkel demonstrators have attempted to disrupt several rallies with boos and whistles in protest of the chancellor’s immigration policies. Merkel has appeared seemingly unfazed by the criticism, but she decided to address her haters during the speech in Wolgast.
“There are some people outside who are booing and screaming,” Merkel said, according to Ostseezeitung. “I don’t think that’s enough to move the country forward.”
Two tomatoes were thrown during different times of Merkel’s speech Wednesday in the college town of Heidelberg. One tomato hit the chancellor’s left hip. A representative for Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was also hit. DPA reports that Merkel kept the same outfit on for a television appearance hours later.
The criticism does not appear to have much of an impact on Merkel’s chances of getting re-elected in the Sept. 24 election. A DeutschlandTrend poll released Thursday gives CDU and its sister party, the Christian Social Union, a 16-point lead over the Social Democrats in second place.
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