Louisiana School Superintendent on Respecting National Anthem ‘We Stand For Our Veterans’

Scott Smith, the Superintendent of the Bossier Parish school district in Louisiana, joined Fox News today to discuss the recent controversy over athletes disrespecting the American national anthem.
“Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought that actually requiring our athletes to stand for something so reverent as our national anthem would be a national issue,” said Smith.
Describing the protests as “saddening,” Smith went on to discuss the community and their patriotism.
“We stand for our country, we stand for our veterans,” said Smith, adding “We have so many veterans who have come back, even in caskets, who can’t speak for themselves, they’re protecting the very liberties we seem to take for granted.”
On the protesters, Smith said, “If they saw loved ones coming back missing limbs, they might be singing a different tune, and I think that tune may sound something like the national anthem.”
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