Malik Obama DESTROYS Traitor John McCain With Just One Question

Senator John McCain appears to have completely lost his mind at this point, or he’s just not hiding his true colors anymore, which seems more likely.
McCain, who touts himself as a Republican, has sided with Democrats multiple times recently, all while attacking President Trump and doing everything in his power to undermine him.
Recently, McCain defended the wannabe social justice warriors in the NFL, who are relentlessly pushing anti-American, anti-cop, and anti-Trump rhetoric on the American people.
Now, Barack Obama’s own brother, Malik, who is an ardent and vocal supporter of President Trump, is calling the traitorous John McCain out.
Malik took to Twitter and asked, “If [McCain] is such a hero, why is he so silent when people disrespect the flag?”
With one simple question, Malik Obama destroyed the “hero” facade that McCain uses to shield himself from all criticism, and there’s no doubt McCain will surely dodge answering it!

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