Mom Whose Marine Son Died Has Powerful Words for Selfish NFL Protesters

As the NFL continues to allow and encourage its players to kneel during the national anthem in protest against “police brutality” and “social inequality,” fans are becoming increasingly angry and alienated.
To NFL fans who have lost a loved one during military service, these disrespectful and anti-American protests are especially hurtful.
One “Gold Star Mom,” whose son was killed while serving with the Marines in Afghanistan, is letting the protesting football players know exactly what the importance of the flag they’re disrespecting is.
Julie Shrock, whose son Max was killed in Afghanistan seven years ago, described in painful detail just how much the American flag really means, and why it should be respected.
“I want the National Anthem and American flag in presentations to be respected and honored. That flag was at Iwo Jima and 9/11 and on my son’s casket. That’s what was handed to me, that flag has a meaning that should be honored and respected,” said Shrock.
If players in the NFL want to protest, that’s their business, but they need to respect the American flag and the lives of those who gave everything to protect their freedom, as well as the loved ones they left behind.
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