NEW PETITION to DISBAR Lawyer Who Tweeted THIS About Betsy Devos

A new petition (Link: has been created to disbar civil rights lawyer Rob Ranco who said THIS about Betsy Devos.

The petition states:
We the People demand the removal of Rob Ranco’s license to practice law in the State of Texas as a result of his cruelly repulsive, misogynist slandering of Betsy DeVos, US Secretary of Education, where he stated, he was “okay with her being sexually assaulted.” His public statement on the matter is unbecoming of an official expected to stand for justice in the court of law in the United States of America and a violation of the 1st Amendment, as it incites violence towards women in a sexual manner, and could cause harm to Mrs. DeVos in particular. A lawyer should be held to a higher standard and with such views regarding sensitive issues of sexual assault, how could he ever be expected to practice law in an impartial manner ever again?
You can sign the petition here 
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