NFL Legend Randy Moss SLAMS Kaepernick & Kneelers as ‘LOSERS’

Although he’s now retired, NFL Superstar Randy Moss still remains a household name, and has earned a ton of respect.
Now, he’s using his powerful voice to decry what he finds to be unprofessional behavior in the NFL, as well as praising players who are setting a good example and doing what they can to make a positive impact.
On a recent ESPN appearance, Moss had some great things to say about J.J. Watt, of the Houston Texans, for Watt’s heroic efforts during Hurricane Harvey.
While he was at it, the 40-year-old NFL veteran also had some choice words for the recent protesters who’ve injected their radical leftwing politics into the NFL, and have driven away a large portion of the fans.
“Over the last month, we’ve had a lot of losers out here in our country protesting racism and doing a lot of negative stuff that puts a lot of bad shame on our country,” Moss said, clearly describing the recent sting of players and fans who have taken the opportunity to politicize the game.
Moss went on to compare the divisive, anti-American protesters in the NFL to community heroes like J.J. Watt, who’s bringing a new level of professionalism and unity to the league, and who raised several million dollars for victims of Hurricane Harvey.
As long as there are players pushing hate and division, such as Colin Kaepernick and others, there will always be heroes like Randy Moss and J.J. Watt, who are determined to help America and set a great example for our country’s youth, both on and off the field.
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