On Scalise’s FIRST DAY Back, Pelosi Uses His Shooting to Attack Gun Rights Bill

When people say that Democrats have no class or tact, this is exactly what they’re talking about!
Unhinged Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, politicized the shooting of Steve Scalise in her attempt to attack a new gun rights bill, and her timing couldn’t have been more classless.
In a disgusting display of left-wing audacity, Pelosi literally used the shooting of Congressman Scalise to suit her own anti-gun agenda, on Scalise’s first day back to Congress.
As the liberal Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste,” and his fellow Democrats are taking his advice, yet again.
This is why the left is seen as so divisive and shady, the American people can see right through their feigned concern, and are aware that Democrats are the most fake political party around.
If Pelosi REALLY was concerned about the shooting of Steve Scalise, she might have mentioned the anti-Trump rhetoric which inspired the violent attack, and condemned the multiple examples of left-wing violence that is plaguing the country.
Of course, that’s not what Pelosi and the Democrats want to do, they’re far more concerned with taking away the Second Amendment rights of Americans everywhere.
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