Packers Fans Ignore Team’s Request to ‘LOCK ARMS’

The Greenbay Packers are a team of buffoons.
These tone-deaf, clueless progressives are doubling down on the “police oppression” protests, where teams either “take a knee” or “lock arms” in unity with cop-hating group Black Lives Matter.
The team asked fans to JOIN IN and “lock arms” too.
Well, the fans said “no thanks,” and did not participate.
The Green Bay Packers asked fans to link arms as a sign of unity during the national anthem on Thursday, but camera shots of the crowd appeared to show the majority of fans not participating.
This week, the team released a statement requesting fans mimic the team and lock arms during the performance of The Star Spangled Banner before their game against the Chicago Bears.
The majority of CBS crowd shots during Tyler Farr’s performance showed fans with their hands over their hearts; two fans were shown saluting during the national anthem’s playing.
The request came in the wake of President Donald Trump’s call for players who kneel or don’t stand during the anthem to be fired from their teams. During last weekend’s games, players, coaches and executives knelt, locked arms or even stayed in the locker room during the national anthem in response.
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