QUESTION OF THE DAY – Why Aren’t Athletes Protesting ‘Black on Black’ Crime?

As the NFL continues the ridiculous anti-American protests, Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg has some interesting thoughts on the latest football-related drama, including the mainstream media’s role in it.
Goldberg, who disagreed with President Trump’s decision to weigh in so publicly on the NFL protests, says he believes the players are not truly protesting “racism” or “police brutality,” but are instead defying the president himself.
“Make no mistake, these protests now are really not about perceived racial inequality or rogue cops shooting people. These are protests against Donald Trump. That’s what they’re about,” said Goldberg.
According to Goldberg, the mainstream media wouldn’t be covering the NFL protests as persistently as they are, if the players were “protesting the real causes of inequality in America, such as fatherlessness, which impacts African American communities in particular.”
This theory seems to fit, considering the mainstream media has relentlessly pushed a divisive, racially-charged agenda for the past eight years, and seem to be working overtime to stoke the flames of racial tension in America.
If NFL athletes chose to protest black-on-black crime, rather than the myth of “police oppression” and “social injustice,” the media would ignore them because that doesn’t suit their agenda and advance the narrative they want to push.
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