REPORT: Hillary Ate, Drank and Popped Pills to Get Over 2016 Loss

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton and her supporters are having a really rough time getting over the 2016 election loss.
Clinton is still crying about it on talk shows, and now, in her new book, “What Happened.”
In the book, Hillary describes how she handled the loss: eating burgers, drinking wine, and taking Xanax.
Gee, sounds like a healthy approach.
Compare Hillary’s handling of the situation to President Trump, who never consumes alcohol or drugs, and it’s clear that she was never fit to be President in the first place!
We’ve just learned how Hillary Clinton coped with her 2016 election night defeat and it was apparently booze and drugs. reported: Hillary Clinton’s memoir, entitled “What Happened” reveals many of the details surrounding her loss in the 2016 Presidential Election. Amid of flurry of blame in the book, which she assigns to Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Putin, Comey and others, she also reveals how she dealt with the loss after it happened.
After her defeat Hillary Clinton said that she drank her “share of chardonnay”. She also wrote that she began “splurging on burgers and fries”, “enjoying every bite”. According to a report by Daily Caller, Clinton was advised to take Xanax, a prescription benzodiazepine tranquilizer.
This admissions raise serious questions about whether Hillary Clinton was ever fit to run for President in the first place. President Trump is famous for never consuming alcohol or drugs, no matter the circumstance.
Her book is set to be released on September 12, but early copies have already leaked to the public.
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